Loves video games and origami

Landan (9134)

Landan first comes across as reserved, but once he feels safe with the people around him, he reveals a surprisingly jovial and happy-go-lucky side of his personality! A good way to get him to bond and open up to you is to play video games with him – and you’ll know he’s comfortable with you if he engages in some good-natured ribbing during a friendly competition! As much as he likes video games, Landan also has a knack for drawing and origami (folded paper cranes, anyone?), and he also loves being outdoors. He has been working hard on constructive ways to express his feelings, and communicate appropriately even when he’s upset.

Landan would do well in a single-parent family with plenty of support, or a two-parent family. It would be best if Landan is the only child, so that he can get all of the love and support that he deserves. It is important that adoptive parents be able to provide Landan with individualized attention, as he thrives on one-on-one time. Landan’s parents will need to demonstrate significant and consistent patience and flexibility, and redirect and teach Landan appropriate responses to his frustrations. It is important that Landan has access to activities and therapies that allow him to express himself in constructive ways. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child, and it would be best if his adoptive family has experience with teens. (9134) Lawrence County

Lawrence County

Birthday: December 2006

Child ID: 9134

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