Looking for a strong family

Lamaria (8273D)

Everyday is a field day with Lamaria! This active girl likes to stay on the go, and play basketball, or go shopping. But she’s not only just a natural athlete, she’s also a people person – Lamaria is so outgoing!

When you first meet Lamaria, she is very curious and asks lots of questions. Once she knows you’re cool, she likes to tell jokes and giggle. Lamaria is learning a lot about math, and says she’s really good at division. Her goals are to graduate high school, and go to college, and eventually become a lawyer. Overall, Lamaria is a bright affectionate girl who is looking to steal the spotlight!

Lamaria will do well in a family where there is structure and clear expectations. The family that would be best for Lamaria would be committed to her. While Lamaria would do well with other children, she craves lots of one-on-one attention. She has a headstrong personality, and will do well in a family that can keep up and support her involvement in extracurricular activities. What Lamaria wants in an adoptive home are two parents and siblings to play with.

Lake County

Birthday: December 2009

Child ID: 8273D

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