A natural athlete who loves being outside

Krystana (8885)

Krystana describes herself as sporty, but those close to her would say she is outgoing and intelligent. Krystana is a natural athlete, and the sports she likes best are basketball and soccer. She is going to try out for her school’s basketball team this year. Krystana loves to sing and dance, especially to Ariana Grande. Her favorite video game is Just Dance. She likes to do arts and crafts, and likes to make bracelets for her friends. Most of the time, Krystana likes to play outside, where she’ll jump rope, play basketball, or jump on the trampoline. She is hard working, independent, and overall just an amazing kid!

Krystana needs an adoptive family that will be commit to her, and be patient as she transitions into the family. She will do best in a loving family that is consistent in their rules and expectations. Krystana would like a home where the family is active, and there are pets. It is important that potential families understand how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. (8885MN) Allen County

Allen County

Birthday: 3/14/07

Child ID: 8885

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