Athlete who gets along with everyone

Kobe (8845)

Like a lot of teenagers, Kobe is pretty laid back. But that doesn’t mean he’s content to just sit around! He’s a natural athlete, and will tell you all about the sports he plays. Football and basketball are his favorites, and he likes track, too. When it’s nice out, you can find Kobe enjoying the outdoors, fishing, camping, or swimming. Or, playing video games!

At his best, Kobe can make others laugh and gets along well with everyone. He likes to help around the house and is doing well in school. When he thinks about his future, Kobe’s goals are to graduate from school, join the Air Force, then go to college. One thing Kobe loves are dogs, and would be happy to have one in his adoptive family.

Kobe would do well in a one or two-parent family, and he does well with other children. He would prefer to be the youngest but does fine with children younger than himself. Kobe is hoping for a family that likes to stay active and that would enjoy cheering him on at his sporting events. He is proud of his accomplishments on the field.

Kobe would thrive in a family that can provide stability and structure. He does have siblings with whom he would need to stay in contact. Families should understand the impact trauma can have on a child.

Howard County

Birthday: April 2006

Child ID: 8845

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