Wants a SkyZone-loving family

Kiri (9390)

If you’ve ever spent the day at SkyZone bouncing around, you’ll know why it’s Kiri’s favorite place! She could spend all day there and would go every day if she could! She is also quite the gymnast, and now that she’s mastered the front flip, she’s working on her cartwheel.

This trampoline-loving kid is also a huge fan of the outdoors – especially swimming in a river, fishing, or camping in the woods. No woods around? That’s okay — she’s content to ride her bike in the neighborhood or take a long walk while listening to her favorite tunes. Or, she’ll settle in with some paper and colored pencils and draw you a great picture!

Kiri would do well in either a one- or two-parent home and would do best as the only child so she gets plenty of attention and support. Kiri needs predictability and consistency to feel secure in a family, so parents who can provide a safe and routine-oriented environment are ideal. It will be important for her family to be patient and persistent, so that Kiri knows they are committed to her. She hopes for parents who are active and who enjoy spending time together as a family, whether that’s hiking, bonfires, or playing board games. Families need to be willing to take on any therapeutic, medicinal, or casework service needs she may need in the future.

Floyd County

Birthday: October 2008

Child ID: 9390

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