Aspiring marine biologist who loves the outdoors

Kiaera (8729)

Kiaera is friendly and inquisitive with a great sense of humor and a unique sense of style. Kiaera loves to read, play sports, and spend time outdoors. Kiaera does well in school, especially in writing. Kiaera adores animals, and hopes to become a marine biologist in the future!

When asked what adoption means, Kiaera replied, “my chance for me to make my mark on the world.” Kiaera says that the most important thing in life is “to have a family that can support me.”

Kiaera needs a calm, stable family that understands how trauma can affect a child. It would be best if Kiaera were the only child in the home, as this would give Kiaera the attention that is needed to make a strong bond with an adoptive family. Kiaera will need a home that can provide supervision. Kiaera would do well in a family with a single mother, or with a mother and father. Kiaera would like to live in the country on a farm with lots of pets! (8729) Madison County

Madison County

Birthday: 10/31/04

Child ID: 8729

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