Sisters with an unbreakable bond

Kharma, Addasyn, & Elena (9351ABC)

These three siblings have an unbreakable bond and are determined to stay together in an adoptive home. They’re all hopeful for a home with parents who are active and ready to cheer them on in their endeavors. Love, structure, support, and patience will go far in helping each child thrive and establish their own unique personalities.

Kharma, the oldest, is one of the most creative kids out there! She spends a ton of time drawing coming up with cool characters and themes that she then writes stories about. She builds whole worlds just out of her imagination! She’s getting more into painting and her skills get better day after day! Kharma gets more into sports all the time and is hoping to find someone who wants to work with her at basketball and volleyball.

If you hear PJ Masks or Miraculous on TV, Addasyn is probably nearby! She loves those shows especially when they have dancing or sing alongs! She LOVES Barbies and will spend a ton of time playing with her different Barbies doing all sorts of imaginative things; she loves Barbie so much that if she had three wishes she’d use one of them to get her very own Barbie Dream House that’s even taller than she is!

Just like her big sisters, Elena has an amazing imagination! She’s got some Barbie dolls and a new toy dog she got for Christmas and with just those she builds all sorts of imaginary worlds she plays in every day! She is such a fan of dogs she even likes to spend time pretending to be one, especially being a lap dog where she gets to cuddle up on people she loves. She loves the outdoors and hopes to find someone to take her camping or swimming in a lake!

Kharma, Addasyn, and Elena would do best in a two-parent home without other children so they get plenty of attention. They hope for parents who like to do activities together like camping or pretend games. They will thrive in a home with routine and structure with parents who make education a priority.

Parents should understand that each child has a distinct personality, and encourage them to identify interests and activities they love. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

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