Creative, kind, and accepting

Kharma (9351A)

Kharma is one of the most creative kids out there! She spends a ton of time drawing and coming up with cool characters and themes that she then writes stories about. She builds whole worlds just out of her imagination! She’s getting more into painting and her skills get better day after day – it’s such a fun new creative outlet. Kharma has recently discovered how much fun she can have playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball, and is hoping to find someone who wants to work with her to improve her skills. She hopes that her parents will let her explore all sorts of activities to find the ones that she likes best. This resourceful and resilient young lady is caring and accepting of others, and works to demonstrate kindness in all she does. She wants to be accepted and loved for who she is, and needs parents who will stand by her through thick and thin. 

Kharma would do best in a two-parent home without other children so she gets plenty of attention and support. She hopes for parents who like to do activities together like camping or playing sports. She will thrive in a home with routine and structure with parents who make education a priority. Her adoptive family will need to give a lot of love, support, and patient direction; it would be best if the family has knowledge of trauma-informed parenting. Kharma has younger siblings with whom she is very close and would like to maintain a relationship; interested families should be aware of this and willing to encourage the sibling bond. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: Sept. 2008

Child ID: 9351A

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