Active anime fan

Kevin (8804)

Kevin is a friendly and active boy. He likes to spend his time outside. He loves to ride his bike, play soccer and basketball, or go to the park — and he would love an active family that can keep up with him. Kevin enjoys listening to country music, and likes to dance too! In his down time, Kevin enjoys playing video games and watching television. He is a creative LEGO builder and he likes to fix things. Kevin hopes to have a mom and dad, and he would love to have a pet dog. (Also on his list of things he hopes to have with his new adoptive family: his own room, and lots of candy bars.) If you’ve got an interest in anime, especially Naruto, then Kevin will be super-excited to meet you — he can talk about Naruto for hours! 

Kevin needs a family who will give him the time, attention, and love that he deserves and craves. An adoptive family must be nurturing, but firm in their boundaries. It is critical that Kevin feel unconditionally loved and accepted by his adoptive family, and that he knows that nothing he can do or say will shake their commitment to him. He would do well in a family where the parents can model positive behavior, including how to appropriately express emotions and resolve disagreements. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child over time. Families should be prepared to advocate for any future emotional, educational, or medical needs that Kevin may have.

Lake County

Birthday: August 2008

Child ID: 8804

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