A Nerf fanatic

Kenneth (8972B)

Kenneth is an open, honest boy who love sports! He can’t wait until it’s game night, he doesn’t care of it’s high school or college, he wants to watch it all. He thrives being the center of attention and if you’re around him long enough he’s definitely going to try to get you to participate in some Nerf wars. In fact, if Kenneth had three wishes they’d all be Nerf-related! He wants a lot of Nerf guns, a huge full of Nerf bullets, and attachments for his Nerf guns. He likes to stay active by riding his bike, going for a swim, or getting to fish, he’s quite the outdoorsman! He’s not generally a picky eater but if you put some celery on his plate, it might be there when dinner’s over.

Kenneth would do well in either a one-parent home with plenty of support or a two-parent home. He will thrive with firm, consistent boundaries and parents who follow through on what they say. They need to create structure and monitoring, with rules that don’t change. A rigid schedule is ideal. Families should be willing to accept any medical or therapeutic needs he may have throughout his life. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (8972BMN) Allen County

Allen County

Birthday: 3/12/08

Child ID: 8972B

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