Loves Barbies and horses

Kenna (9229)

Have you ever wished you could be something else, just to see what it would be like? Well, sometimes, Kenna imagines she’s a mermaid! But this imaginative girl really loves animals, especially horses. She likes to be outside taking care of animals. Other times, she likes to watch funny cat videos and play with Barbies. She’s an affectionate girl who likes a good tickle fight, and loves it when people tell jokes! Kenna is ready to laugh with an adoptive parent who is nice and funny. She is eager to be adopted, and has a strong desire for a forever home.

Kenna needs a family that is stable and loving, and can maintain healthy boundaries and communicate clear expectations. Structure and routine are key for Kenna. She would benefit from having parents who understand how trauma can affect a child. Most of all, Kenna wants a family that will love her unconditionally.

Parke County

Birthday: September 2012

Child ID: 9229

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