Growing chef and engineer

Kenli (9553)

Kenli is very open and excited about meeting new people! She’s especially excited about showing people exactly how tall she is, a guess isn’t good enough, she likes to get measured to see if she’s gotten any bigger since the last time! She loves going to the park and playing with whoever is there, particularly if there are really little kids she can help on the slides or swings. She loves taking care of people!

She has been going to the Boys & Girls Club lately and absolutely loves it! She’s been making a ton of friends and tried out the computer lab and cooking club! She’s getting pretty good with electronics and likes to show off what she’s learned and if you like good food Kenli’s got you covered there with her new chef experience!

Kenli would do best in a two-parent caucasian home, if there are children in the home they need to be older by a few years so she gets plenty of attention. She would love her very own birthday party with JoJo Siwa bows, especially if they have glitter and rainbows. She will thrive with parents who like to do things together as a family and who want to take her out to new, fun experiences. She will need a patient transition into a forever home.

Lawrence County

Birthday: May 2015

Child ID: 9553

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