Academic whiz with lots of friends

Kelly (9437)

Kelly is a terrific student and loves learning all she can in school! She’s very proud (as she should be!) of having straight A’s and being part of the National Junior Honor Society. A friendly teen, Kelly has a ton of friends she likes to hang out with…but is always happy making more! Music is very important to her, so don’t be surprised if she suggests some of her favorite artists for you to listen to.

Kelly enjoys working with her hands, whether it’s working on her extensive crafting collection or playing card games – she’s definitely of the mind set that it’s always more fun doing something than just sitting around. She thinks she might want to become a physical therapist when she’s older – a perfect job for someone who likes working with their hands! 

A single- or two-parent home without other children would be ideal for Kelly; if there are other children in the family, they should be older, so that Kelly receives plenty of support and attention. She is very invested in her education, and hopes for parents who also make education a priority. Kelly would like to have a family that likes to do things together. She also wants interested families to know that even though she can be shy and soft-spoken at first, once she builds a rapport, she’ll come out of her shell more (so please be patient!). She has a brother with whom she would like to maintain contact. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Cass County

Birthday: July 2008

Child ID: 9437

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