Wants to share her favorite recipes

Keerstin (9113)

Keerstin is a fun-loving girl who can’t wait to see what the world has to offer! She’s very funny and loves being the center of attention by making people laugh. She takes great pride in her appearance and works hard to look fashionable all the time! Keerstin has a huge interest in fashion, makeup, and different hair styles and loves to experiment with her looks. She is a great student and does her best to help out those in her classes who might be struggling. She’s a fantastic cook and would love to share some of her favorite recipes!

Keerstin would do best in a two-parent home and hopes for a mom and a dad; she would also do well in a one-parent female-led household. She thrives when given trust and responsibility around the home like chores or helping to cook dinner. She enjoys animals and would like a forever family that came with pets like cats, dogs, or hamsters (but no snakes please)! She looks out for younger children and would make a great big sister. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Floyd County

Birthday: December 2006

Child ID: 9113

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