Always willing to lend a hand

Kayvion (9549)

Kayvion is first and foremost a helper in everything he does! He’s the first to offer a hand when it comes to chores, he doesn’t mind sweeping or taking out the trash and his room is always picked up! He’s not afraid to try new things and gets pretty adventurous with food or activities, if he can experience something new and fun he’s definitely onboard!

He loves the outdoors and especially likes when the weather is nice so he can hop on his bike or strap on his rollerblades and explore the neighborhood to see what’s going on! He’s very caring and adores animals, he takes care of people and pets no matter what they need. He likes to relax by reading a good book or playing the newest video game!

Kayvion would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. He would love a forever family that came with brothers or sisters, but appreciates when he gets one-on-one time and has privacy when he needs it. He hopes for pets in a future placement. He does best in a structured environment with a consistent routine, if there’s a change he appreciates that being communicated in advance so he can be involved in the planning. Parents who make education a priority are ideal.

St. Joseph

Birthday: July 2011

Child ID: 9549

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