Wants adventurous parents

Kaylieana (9189)

Kaylieana is a young lady who is all about respect! She tries her best to see the world through other people’s eyes and to better understand what they’re going through. She wants everyone to know that with her, they’ll always get a fair chance. Kaylieana enjoys her extracurricular activities and has participated in choir, band, cheerleading, and gymnastics! She likes to stay busy. She wakes up early every morning so she can make sure she looks her best, style is very important to her!

Kaylieana would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home without other children, she wants to be sure she gets plenty of one-on-one time. She hopes for parents who are patient and open-minded, who are willing to communicate with her about what’s expected. She would love parents who are adventurous who like to go out and do fun, new things. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Monroe County

Birthday: 6/25/07

Child ID: 9189

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