People person who will make you laugh

Kaylamae (8846)

Kaylamae is funny and outspoken! You’ll always know what’s on her mind. She adores being around people and one of her favorite activities is a family slumber party. She likes to cuddle up and watch movies, funny and scary movies are the two best kinds. She enjoys staying active and has played some softball. If she had wishes, she would ask for a forever family and like most kids she would want no school. If there is one thing she wants a family to know about her, she is a disciplined child. In the past she’s done dance and choir, Kaylamae even participated in one of her school’s talent shows!

Kaylamae would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent household, as long as she is able to receive individualized attention. She gets along well with other children, and has a child in her current home that she considers a “best friend and sister.” Kaylamae would thrive in a household that provides a quiet, calm environment. Parents would need to be able to provide patient nurturing, and close monitoring of her nutrition. She does well with routine and structure, especially when it comes to school. Kaylamae needs a family that will advocate both for her medical and education needs.

Howard County

Birthday: 9/22/06

Child ID: 8846

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