Big helpers in the kitchen

Kayden, Emma, Lyla (9565ABC)

Kayden is a giver through and through! For his latest birthday, he took all the money he got and went out shopping to buy his sisters presents so they got something too! He’s a big sports fan and while he enjoys watching them, he much prefers to play. Thursdays are his night to help cook so he gets to plan the menu and then help out with making delicious food for everyone!

Emma can be very silly and loves making people laugh! If her sister is having a tough day, you can bet Emma is going to be there soon making goofy faces to make her laugh! She loves to “party” which of course means dancing around the house and eating candy. She’s got her own roller skates she likes to take around the neighborhood to go visit all her friends!

Lyla does her best to make everyone around her happy! She’s very sweet and helps everyone who needs it and likes to draw pictures to give to her teachers to help them decorate their classrooms! She’s big into crafts and likes to make art by drawing or coloring, and has started making her own jewelry. She loves winter and getting outside playing in the snow and building giant snowmen!

Kayden, Emma, and Lyla would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would love a mom and dad. They would do best as the only children but if there are other children, they just need to be older by a few years so these three get plenty of attention. They hope for parents who are active and like to do things together as a family whether it’s chores or activities in the community. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

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