Funny & fashionable & outgoing

Katlynn (8320)
“Everything!” That’s Katlynn’s favorite thing about herself. She’s a sweet, bubbly, social teenager who is always up for a good conversation. She loves to talk, especially when she can be the center of attention. Katlynn enjoys putting on a show. She is always working on her style, but she pays extra attention to her hair and nails.

In her down time, Katlynn likes to read. She likes a good romance novel, or a book from the Twilight series. Katlynn hopes to go to college someday, and wants to attend Purdue.

And Katlynn is super easy-going: she likes just about any food. Even if it just means running around town to do some errands, she likes go out, but would love to shop at some of her favorite stores for make-up, clothes or jewelry. If you are a family that just wants to hang out and relax? That’s what Katlynn wants to do too!

Katlynn would do well in either a one or two-parent home. She will do best if she is the only child in a home, but if there are other children she needs to be the youngest. She is also a fan of animals so would enjoy a home that comes with pets. Katlynn would love to have a kitten!

As a teenager, she wants a family that will allow her the freedom to make her own choices, but she understands that freedom comes with responsibility. Families should be able to provide structure and boundaries, and it is important they model appropriate behaviors. She needs patience, unconditional love, and parents who are willing to work at communicating with her. Interested families should understand how trauma can affect children.

Allen County

Birthday: December 2005

Child ID: 8320

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