Loves fishing and Greek mythology

Kasey (8683A)

Kasey absolutely loves the outdoors and being in nature. Her favorite outdoor activity? Fishing. She finds it very relaxing to sit on the water all day seeing what she can catch. She’s a pretty good fisherwoman, and spends time watching videos on fishing to better learn how to catch the biggest fish out there!

Kasey’s also got a keen interest in Greek mythology, and has even figured out how to connect that to her love of fishing. If she could pick any Greek god to be, Kasey would opt for Poseidon — since he controls the water, that would make fishing easier!

Hopeful for a family that lives in the country, Kasey would like to have her own garden. She’s especially interested in growing peppers and other veggies, but wants to plant some flowers too. Regardless of whether she’s on the water, nurturing seedlings into full plants, or out in the community, Kasey is always looking out for those in need. Around Christmas, she saw a charity drive for the needy and didn’t hesitate to run over and drop in the money she’d been saving up. This caring and generous teen knows that even little acts of kindness can make a big difference!

Kasey would do best in a calm, two-parent home without other children so she can get lots of one on one attention. She will thrive with experienced, mature parents who are calm and patient. Structure and consistency are important, as Kasey does best when she has a routine to adhere to. Of course, she hopes for an active family that likes to do things like camping or fishing together. Parents who can make education a priority and gently encourage Kasey to strive for success are ideal.

She will need time and patience during a transition into a forever home. Parents should understand that trust doesn’t come easily to Kasey, and she will need them to demonstrate an unshakeable commitment to her. She has siblings with whom she wants to maintain contact. The ideal family will have experience in trauma-informed parenting. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. 

Grant County

Birthday: May 2008

Child ID: 8683A

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