Aspiring photographer

Karalena (9530)

There’s nothing more important to Karalena than making sure the people she cares about are happy. She’s usually happy and smiling herself and she wants everyone to be the same! If she could have one wish for absolutely anything, she’d use it to make sure every kid had a home and that they were able to feel both happy and worthy. A noble cause!

Karalena loves everything red and would like to head to the salon to try out a new hair color – she’s thinking maybe a streak of maroon or burgundy! She puts her artistic talents to good use, and has found that drawing, coloring, and painting are great outlets for self-expression. After graduating high school, Karalena wants to go to college and become a professional photographer!

Karalena would do best in a two-parent home and would love a mom and dad and maybe a sibling or two. She hopes for parents who are straightforward and honest, and will invest the time to talk things through with her. It’s important to Karalena that she has input in decisions. She wants a family that enjoys doing things together, but also understands her need for one-on-one time. Karalena has siblings with whom she would like to remain in contact. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Jennings County

Birthday: Dec. 2007

Child ID: 9530

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