Avid reader who will make you laugh

Kamyah (9169)

Some would describe Kamyah as fun and quirky, but she also has a good sense of humor. Kamyah is doing well in school, and is an avid reader. She is exploring music, has had piano lessons in the past and tried playing other musical instruments as well. Since she’s taken up basketball, Kamyah has found she is quite good at the sport!

The idea family for Kamyah will need to be patient and nurturing. It would be beneficial for Kamyah if an adoptive family took time to get to know her. The family will need to be able to provide structure and guidance for Kamyah, and while she can be funny, they should be tolerant of her occasional sarcastic attitude. Due to Kamyah’s siblings be adopted in the local area, the family will need to be aware of her siblings connections and her desire to maintain those relationships.

Allen County

Birthday: 8/12/08

Child ID: 9169

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