Loves cats, dogs, and turtles

Kammie (8621A)

Kammie has a good sense of humor! For fun, Kammie likes to hang out with her friends and family, play board games and video games. She enjoys doing art and crafts, cooking, riding her bike, and watching movies and cartoons. Kammie also enjoys playing on her Nintendo DS and tablet, as well as listening to music. She likes playing games such as kick ball or basketball, or playing at a playground. Kammie is doing well in school and is very helpful in the classroom.

Kammie would benefit from parents who are committed to her long-term and who can provide a safe nurturing home with age-appropriate boundaries and consequences. She would benefit from a calm environment with parents who can give her plenty of one-on-one attention. Kammie needs a predictable environment and does better with a routine. Kammie does best when there is a high level of structure and supervision. She would like to have an adoptive family that includes a “mommy and a daddy.” Kammie thinks she would like younger siblings. Kammie likes animals and would really enjoy having a pet — she likes cats, dogs, and turtles. (8621ADD) Orange County

Orange County

Birthday: 9/3/03

Child ID: 8621A

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