Loves cats, dogs, and turtles

Kammie (8621A)

Meet a friend to animals: Kammie! Because she’s so caring with dogs, cats, turtles, pick one–Kammie hopes she can have a pet in her adoptive home. But, Kammie’s dream adoptive home doesn’t end with just pets. Her hope is to have a family where she can share her good sense of humor.

For fun, Kammie likes to hang out with others, and play board games and video games. If you like doing art and crafts, cooking, riding bikes, Kammie is on board! When she needs some downtime, she will pick up her Nintendo DS or tablet, play some video games or listen to music.

Where there is routine and structure, Kammie thrives. She would do well with parents who can give her plenty of one-on-one attention. Most of all, what Kammie needs from adoptive parents are a lifelong commitment to her. The family must provide a safe, nurturing home with clear expectations and consequences. (8621A) Orange County

Orange County

Birthday: September 2003

Child ID: 8621A

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