Yoga-loving "girly girl"

Kambri (8971)

Kambri is an intelligent young lady who loves to read! Her favorite book series are Harry Potter and the Twilight novels. If she could spend all day with a good book she’d be happy! She’s polite and always willing to help out around the house. She loves being active and being outside. Kambri practices yoga and enjoys riding her bike around. She has participated in gymnastics before and hopes to continue in the future. When it’s time to relax, she likes to put on her favorite TV shows, “Criminal Minds” or “Law & Order.” She describes herself as a “girly-girl” and has to make sure her hair and nails are done just right! She has a creative mind and likes to spend time making arts and crafts.

Kambri would do best in a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. She does well with other children, but if there are others in the home she needs to be the youngest. Families should provide firm, clear, and consistent boundaries with follow-through on rules. Kambri would do better with a slower transition into a forever home. Parents who are active and can keep up with her are ideal. Parents should be able to display healthy, appropriate behaviors and relationships. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Sullivan County

Birthday: July 2005

Child ID: 8971

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