Energetic and eager for a family

Kalynn and Kenna (9348AB)

Athletic and a bit of a jokester, Kalynn loves to make people laugh! She’s always trying to keep people entertained…well, unless she’s busy playing basketball like her sister! (If you’re going to shoot hoops, there are no better teammates than sisters!) Kalynn works hard to earn the best grades she can, and is always proud of herself when she learns something new. (She also loves when the adults in her life recognize her effort!) Give this girl three wishes, and she doesn’t hesitate: a puppy, her own room, and a trampoline!

More interested in books than basketballs, Kenna’s favorite part of school is when they get to go to the library and pick out all sorts of interesting books! She’s a curious kid and loves learning all about, well, everything — so finding books to read isn’t hard. Kenna would love to have a pool someday so she can get as good at swimming as she is at reading! If she could have any animal for a pet, she’d pick a cheetah (because it’s the only one that’s as fast as she is!).

Kalynn and Kenna would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would love a home with brothers or sisters. Family is important to them both, and they are bonded to their siblings. It will be important that they be able to maintain relationships with their brothers and sisters. Because of their bond with their siblings, it is their team’s preference that Kalynn and Kenna remain in Indiana, as this will facilitate maintaining the siblings’ relationships over time.

The girls will thrive in a home with parents who make a real effort to understand them and who show patience and acceptance. Both Kalynn and Kenna thrive on stability, and want to know that they are in their forever home with parents who will love them regardless. Parents who take an interest in their activities and hobbies are ideal. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.  

Delaware County

Birthday: October 2012, March 2014

Child ID: 9348AB

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