Natural athlete who's always on the go

Kaiden (9071)

Kaiden is a guy who loves sports! He’ll play any sport you want to try. Hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, he loves them all! If you ask him what his favorite teams are, he’ll very quickly tell you he can’t get enough of the Bears, Blackhawks, and the Bucks. Kaiden enjoys spending an afternoon zooming around on his bike or playing with dogs, anything that keeps him moving and doing something fun! He has a blast getting out and taking trips to go see what kind of fun exciting stuff is happening in the town he lives.

Kaiden would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. He would love a forever family that came with older brothers or sisters for him to look up to. Families need to display patience with the transition and be able to provide consistency and structure in the household. Active parents who like to go out and do things or play with children are ideal. He will thrive with parents who attend his sports and extracurriculars and cheer him on. (9071) St. Joseph County

St. Joseph County

Birthday: 4/11/09

Child ID: 9071

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