Superheroes' biggest fan

Kaden (8719)

Kaden is a kind, lovable boy. Kaden is a big fan of superheroes. He likes all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including, the video games, the toys, and the movies. He also likes Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Batman. For fun, Kaden likes to play kickball, basketball, and soccer. He also enjoys coloring and drawing. What other people that know Kaden like about him, are his generosity and charming demeanor. He’s always smiling, and has a laugh that can brighten a room!

The family that would be best for Kaden would provide structure and routine. He would benefit living with a calm family that is loving, but patient. Kaden would do well with a family that understands and advocates for his emotional and educational needs. Kaden is eager to please and very much wants to belong in a family. He craves the love and support from adults, and would thrive in a family that can offer him encouragement and positive support. (8719BD) Montgomery County

Montgomery County

Birthday: February 2005

Child ID: 8719

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