Super-fast runner

Josiah (9267B)

Josiah is a little guy with lots of energy! In fact, something he wants you to know is that he can tie his own shoes, and he runs super fast! He is a big sports fan and his faves are definitely football and basketball because those are the ones that let you run around the most! Josiah enjoys school — he can’t wait to see all his friends each day. His favorite class is when they do play and learn where you get to do all sorts of cool hands on things while you learn about them!

Josiah would do best in a two-parent home so that he can receive plenty of support and one-on-one attention. Parents should be calm and reassuring, and able to emotionally connect with Josiah. He’s quite an active kid, so parents with lots of energy and interest in a variety of activities are ideal. Routine and structure are critical for Josiah, as they help him feel safe and secure. Josiah has siblings that he would like to maintain contact with. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children.

Delaware County

Birthday: Sept 2013

Child ID: 9267B

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