Loves being the center of attention

Josiah (8521D)

Josiah is a social and loving boy who enjoys being the center of attention. He thrives on positive attention, praise, and structure — and he’ll show you his appreciation and affection by giving lots of hugs! He enjoys activities that he can do with the people he cares about — even if it’s just being in the same room with you! The physical presence of someone who cares about him and who he cares about is a real comfort for Josiah.

Josiah is an active young man — and we mean, active! Air hockey, basketball, playing pool, riding his bike — it’s all good as long as he can burn off some energy! When he’s ready for some down time, watching TV and playing some video games are on his list…but he really prefers being read to! It’s a great bonding activity that lets him have the one-on-one attention that is critical for attachment. 

Josiah wants prospective families to know that he loves healthy foods like salad and broccoli, but is also up for spaghetti, macaroni, pizza, and chocolate milk if you have it. (He really is not a fan of cauliflower, though!) And, he adores dogs and will be caring and kind toward them.

Josiah needs a child-centered home that offers structure, routine, and predictability. Interested families must encourage attachment by being accessible and responsive. He would do well with a two-parent home with parents who can be role models of a healthy relationship. If a single-parent family is interested, they should have a strong support system. Potential families should be knowledgeable about trauma-informed care and understand how trauma can affect children throughout their lives. 

Marion County

Birthday: July 2011

Child ID: 8521D

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