Happy and loving guy

Joshua (8513B)

Joshua loves to laugh, and is a super-happy, loving guy. He’s delighted to spend his time jumping on a trampoline or playing on the swings — he will try to swing as high as the clouds! Once, he even went on a roller coaster, and absolutely loved it — it felt like flying!

When Josh needs some down time (and even active kids like Joshua do need that from time time!), sensory activities and toys with sounds and flashing lights are his favorite. He’s an affectionate young man, so getting and giving hugs are favorite activities, and he loves to be read to — it’s a comforting activity that helps him bond to his caregivers. 

Joshua will thrive in a two-parent home where there is plenty of supervision and support. He does well with other children and animals; if there are other children in the home, it may be best if they’re older, so Josh can receive the attention and support he needs. 

Clear structure and routine are critical for Joshua: he needs to know what to expect and be able to predict his days. Parents will need to be patient and have an understanding of Joshua’s emotional and educational needs. Families will need to be able to commit to maintaining Josh’s services and be able to advocate for his needs over time. Joshua has a brother with whom he should maintain some contact. Interested families should understand how trauma can impact a child.

Clay County

Birthday: October 2008

Child ID: 8513B

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