Rooting for Chicago White Sox, Bears, and Blackhawks

Joshua (8232)

Joshua is a polite, easy-going, and active boy who likes video games, matchbox cars, Lego’s, and playing outside. He’s got a big smile and likes to be around people. The video games he likes the most are Mario and Sonic. He likes comic books, and his favorite superheroes are Aquaman, Superman, and the Justice League. His favorite TV show is The Price is Right, and he enjoys rock music. Joshua enjoys sports, and his favorites are baseball, basketball, football, and dodge ball. Recently, Joshua was in the Special Olympics for track and swimming! Joshua is doing well in school and his favorite subject is reading. Joshua’s favorite professional sports teams are the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Blackhawks. When asked what is most important to him in his life, he responded, “Getting a home.”

Joshua hopes to have a “regular family” where on weekends, the family would spend time together by going bowling, having a movie night, or going shopping. An ideal family for Joshua is a patient, calm, nurturing two-parent family where he can have adequate supervision. Joshua hopes his adoptive parents will help him with homework and play sports with him. It would be best if he were in a home where he can be the youngest or only child. (8232IA) LaPorte County

LaPorte County

Birthday: 8/19/02

Child ID: 8232

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