Artistic gamer who loves animals

Joseph (9428)

Joseph loves video games and enjoys playing them together with the people he cares about! He likes all sorts of games, and as long as he’s with a friend he’ll give about any game a try. But he’s got an artistic side and isn’t opposed to spending an afternoon coloring or drawing. He’s got quite the gallery going – and he’s really proud of it, so don’t be surprised if he wants to show it off! Joseph likes to stay organized, which certainly helps with his art (he knows exactly where all his supplies go so he can find them right away!)…so if you have a clutter closet that needs some organization, set aside a rainy afternoon and Joseph will happily get to work!

Joseph would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with brothers or sisters. He would also enjoy a home that comes with pets he can help take care of and love. He thrives in a structured environment with parents who make communication a priority. Joseph may take some time to open up and trust a new family; parents should be prepared to demonstrate an undeterred commitment to him as he works to trust them.  Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Hendricks County

Birthday: Sept. 2008

Child ID: 9428

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