Boundless energy

Joseph (9126B)
Like to spend the day outside? So does Joseph! Climbing trees and running around are what he does best. Joseph likes to stay active, and if you’re up for it, he will challenge you to a race. (Even if you’re not up for it, he’ll probably ask you anyway!) He’s not content to sit still, and hopes his adoptive parents aren’t either!

When he has downtime, Joseph will play with action figures, toy cars…pretty much anything that moves! Even with all his energy, Joseph is a quiet, observant boy who is caring and helpful to others. He adores animals and does a great job taking care of them, and he’s shown tremendous learning abilities at school. 

Joseph will do well in a family that has set rules, structure, and clear expectations. Parents will need to demonstrate patience and be supportive as Joseph transitions into an adoptive home. Interested families should understand how trauma can impact a child.

Clay County

Birthday: June 2013

Child ID: 9126B

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