Wants everyone to succeed

Joseph (8672)

Joseph is a real sweetheart! He is very kind and quick to compliment others to make them feel good about themselves. He’s always the first one to volunteer to help with a project, and wants to see everyone succeed! He’s tenacious when learning something new and he’ll stick with it until he’s got it down 100% – but he isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed.

He’s got a lot of different interests, from playing baseball and riding his bike to cooking! Joseph’s biggest interest is definitely animals though; he loves them! He would spend all his time outside if he could and he’d love to live on a farm with a bunch of pets. In fact, someday he’d even like to become a veterinarian!

Joseph would do best in a two-parent home without other children; if there are other children they need to be several years older and more independent so he can get lots of attention. He will thrive in an environment with consistent rules, boundaries, and a set structure. Parents should take the time to work with him on school assignments, and parents who enjoy being active would be ideal for Joseph. He loves working with his hands and would love parents who want to do crafting projects with him. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Monroe County

Birthday: March 2010

Child ID: 8672

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