Cool to be around

Jordon (8814A)

Jordon is a bright and active boy, and he describes himself as “nice, and cool to be around.” He enjoys playing chess and other board games, shooting pool, and playing basketball. Basketball is his favorite sport, and he wants to try out for his school’s team. Jordon also loves to draw, and he is a talented artist! He likes to play video games, and some of his favorites are “Minecraft” and “Star Wars: Battlefront.” Overall, Jordon is a great kid!

Jordon would do best in a family that is understanding and encouraging. He would thrive with one-on-one attention and praise by adults, so he would need to be the only child in the home. It is very important for the family to understand childhood trauma, and how this can affect a child’s behaviors. He will need a family that will share meals, play games as a family, and spend quality time together. Jordon needs a family that will encourage him to be active in extracurricular activities, and support him in these endeavors. Jordon needs love, attention, support, and stability. Mostly, he needs a chance to be a kid. (8814A) Monroe County

Monroe County

Birthday: March 2005

Child ID: 8814A

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