Making great strides at independence

Jonathan (8149)

Jonathan is a friendly, adventurous young man who loves to play outside. He enjoys spending time with adults, and can be quite helpful in the home. For fun, Jonathan likes to play basketball or play with his toys. Riding his bike is one Jonathan’s favorite activities! He also enjoys kicking around the soccer ball. Jonathan works very hard to be as independent as he can be and he has made great strides. Jonathan’s teacher think he is remarkable young man who is sweet and caring. In school, Jonathan enjoys group reading time, as well as recess! He is quick to lend a helping hand to his teachers. One of our favorite things about Jonathan is his easy-going nature!

Jonathan would do best with a family that can provide structure and consistency. He needs a single-parent or two-parent home with a family that can provide supervision, encouragement, and attention to his medical and educational needs. Jonathan does well with other children and pets. (8149IA) Newton County

Newton County

Birthday: December 2002

Child ID: 8149

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