Kind, energetic, and curious

Jon (8577A)

Jon loves, maybe more than anything else, figuring out how things work! He likes to take things apart and then, of course, put them back together perfectly! (While he didn’t take apart the WNDU cameraman’s equipment, you can tell from the video that he’s fascinated by it!) If he can be out working with his hands he’s a huge fan. He’s very imaginative and has a ton of creativity — he figures things out that will absolutely blow your mind. He might be interested in pursuing a degree in computer engineering or he might want to learn how to make his own video games! He says he’d enjoy any job, as long as there’s air conditioning!

He’s a people pleaser and works hard to help out in whatever he can. If his computer jobs don’t work out; he says he’d also like to look into becoming a firefighter so he can spend all day helping to protect his community! To prepare, he tries to stay as active as he can now and is always down for a round of paintball or maybe a Nerf gun battle.

Jon would do best in a two-parent home with parents who like to stay active and do things together as a family. He’ll thrive with a transition that is full of patience and support as he gets used to a new environment. He prefers a structured home with consistent rules and expectations. Parents who make education a priority are ideal.

Owen County

Birthday: August 2006

Child ID: 8577A

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