Needs a playful family that can keep up!

Johnathan (9188B)

Johnathan is an outgoing guy who makes friends wherever he goes! No matter what he’s doing, people tend to look to him to lead whatever fun game or activity they’re doing. Johnathan is great at setting goals and sticking to them, in school this year he set a goal to improve his grades and he definitely accomplished that!

Johnathan says his favorite thing about himself is he’s athletic and funny. If he could, he would play basketball all day and night with his friends. Even when he’s indoors, he’s playing basketball video games like NBA 2K. He also has a great imagination, and will climb trees and play act. But, the best thing about Johnathan is his compassionate spirit, because he’ll go out of his way to help others.

What Johnathan most needs right now is stability. He’s a great kid with a big heart. Johnathan would well in either a one-parent or two-parent family where he is the only child, so he can get all the one-on-one attention he needs. It will take time for Johnathan to trust and acclimate to a new family, so parents will need to be patient, consistent, and committed. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. He hopes to find a forever home in a neighborhood where he can play lots of basketball with his adoptive family. He also hopes for parents that like to take vacations and do activities together. Most of all, Johnathan needs a family that will help build his confidence, and love him for the amazing kid he is!

Jennings County

Birthday: 11/10/09

Child ID: 9188B

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