Everyday adventurer

John (9017A)

Looking for your next adventure? Well, John is a friendly young guy who’s always on the go! Always up for new experiences, John hopes his forever family takes him to new places so he can learn all about them!

John is an excellent whistler and if you ask him, he may be willing to show off his skills. When he’s sitting around, John likes playing with his StikBots or with his Pokemon characters, but he being the amateur explorer that he is, John usually prefers getting up and doing something fun. Need a little bit of help? John is very polite and happy to lend a hand with whatever needs done. In fact, John loves helping people so much that he hopes to become a detective some day! Either that or an astronaut (he hasn’t quite decided yet).

John would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home, and he wouldn’t mind having some brothers or sisters but he would prefer they be older than him so he can get plenty of attention. John loves attention! He will thrive in a home with structure, firm boundaries, and routine. Parents who are willing and excited to take him out to try new activities or experiences would be ideal, especially if they make it clear to John that they care about his happiness and delight in his accomplishments. Interested families should be willing to make education a priority. Families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

St. Joseph County

Birthday: August 2003

Child ID: 9017A

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