Curious and sensitive, with a love of water

John (8612)

Happy as can be! John is a curious and sensitive boy, who is so playful and observant. Where John is happiest, is with adults in quiet environments where he can cuddle and color. He likes sensory activities, especially with water, and enjoys swimming and playing with aquatic toys.

Since he’s always down for a little adventure, John will swing, run, and jump around the playground! If you’re down for a road trip, John likes to take long car rides. What others like most about John is how playful and friendly he is. With all the support and love he receives, John is learning well, and thrives with one-on-one attention.

John would do well in a two-parent family, or single parent family with a support network. He needs a nurturing family who can advocate for his emotional, educational, and medical needs. It would be best if his adoptive parent(s) had experience in parenting children with special needs.

An adoptive family will need to be patient with John, as he will need time to adjust to a new family. John will thrive in a home where he gets plenty of one-on-one attention, structure, and routine. It would be best if John had a family that has knowledge about how trauma can affect a child throughout their life.

Vermillion County

Birthday: June 2007

Child ID: 8512

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