Flea market aficionado who loves to learn new things

Jesse (9130)

Jesse is a very sweet and shy boy when you first meet him, but once he’s comfortable around you, he really opens up. He likes the outdoors and recreational sports, and enjoys learning new skills like woodworking. What he really loves, though, are auctions and flea markets, because you never know what you’ll find there! (And if he’s going to go to an auction or flea market, you can bet he’s going to wear his cowboy boots – they’re his favorite!) Jesse is a big fan of Dave and Buster’s, especially for the racing and car games. Always up for trying new things, Jesse’s latest interest is cooking – he would love to learn how to cook some of the foods he enjoys. He’s demonstrated a great deal of maturity and growth over the past year, and it shows in how respectful he is to both adults and his peers.

Jesse would do well in either a single-parent or two-parent family. If there are children, they should be older than Jesse. It would also be suitable for there to be no other children in the home, so that Jesse can receive the attention and love that he deserves. Given Jesse’s curious nature, he would thrive in a family that can teach him new things, like woodworking, car maintenance, and cooking. He needs laid-back parents who enjoy the simple activities they can do together as a family – like movies, camping, and of course, hitting up the local flea market! Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child. (9130) Scott County

Scott County

Birthday: January 2007

Child ID: 9130

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