Friendly, talkative, and loves sports

Jesse (9052)

Jesse has a lot of interests! He likes LEGOs, football, reading, and Beyblades. He is an active teen and enjoys playing soccer and swimming. Jesse really enjoys learning new things — like football! — and he’s proud of himself for earning good grades in school.

He can be quite inquisitive — which is how he learns so many new things, by asking questions! Plus, Jesse’s just a naturally friendly and talkative guy. He really enjoys one-on-one time with friends and mentors — that’s when he really shines. 

Jesse hopes to have an adoptive family that will welcome him and help him feel safe.

Jesse would do well with a family that can offer structure and routine, as both of those things help Jesse feel secure. The family should be able to communicate clear expectations and appropriate consequences. Jesse’s ideal adoptive family will be patient and able to address issues in a calm and loving way. 

He thrives with one-on-one time, so it would be best if he were the youngest or only child. Jesse would like to be the only child in a family, and wants to have both a mom and a dad. (He’d also like a German Shepherd and a Husky, if you have them!)

Jesse has broad interests, so parents who can help him explore various opportunities would be great. It will be important for Jesse’s adoptive family to have a strong support network and maintain wraparound services to help Jesse succeed.

Fulton County

Birthday: December 2005

Child ID: 9052

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