Smart, loving, and delighted by riddles

Jazmine, Jayla-Seanta, & Charles (9372ABC)

Jazmine, Jayla-Seanta, and Charles are three siblings with an unbreakable bond, a strong faith, and a love of puzzles and word games! Compassionate, creative, smart, and loving are adjectives that could describe all three of them!

Jazmine, the oldest, prefers to be running around rather than just sitting around! She loves to play sports and has been on the basketball, softball, and volleyball teams! She’s very proud of the success she’s had as an athlete and hopes to keep it up. She works hard no matter what she’s doing; whether it’s excelling in sports competitions or academics, she wants to be the best! 

Jayla-Seanta (you can call her Jayla for short) likes to channel her energy into artistic endeavors. She can make all sorts of fun stuff with everyday materials she finds lying around – this girl’s got creative vision! Jayla loves school – and even prefers school days to weekends! What she might love more than school? Riddles! She loves the challenge of figuring them out, and the more clever the riddle, the better!

Charles is always on the lookout for new playmates! He’s a quick learner, so his new friend can teach him a new game, Charles is totally up for it! He’s a big helper and is usually the first one to offer to help when it’s time to do some chores – and he thrives off the positive attention he gets for doing a great job. All three consider Wednesdays the best day of the week, because they get to go to Kids’ Club at church! 

Jazmine, Jayla, and Charles would do best in a two-parent home where they can all receive plenty of support and one-on-one time. They would prefer an African-American or biracial family. Because their faith is important to them, Jazmine, Jayla, and Charles hope for a family that has a similar faith commitment and will attend church with them each week. Jazmine and Jayla would like to live in the city (Charles has no preference). Jazmine would love a pet cat or two; Jayla thinks it would be neat to be able to walk to school. Charles’s request is simple: he wants a brother to pal around with and look up to! Although they enjoy spending time together, all three want a family that will dedicate time to each of them individually. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Jazmine (June 2009)

  • Plays basketball, softball, and volleyball
  • Proud of her athletic accomplishments
  • Wants a family committed to each other

Jayla (January 2011)

  • Creative and adventurous
  • Favorite class is art, where she can channel all her creativity
  • Loves school and riddles (the more clever, the better!)

Charlie (November 2012)

  • Loves learning new things and making new friends
  • Thrives on positive reinforcement, especially when he does a great job with his chores

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