Bubbly, outgoing, and helpful

Jazmin (9100)

Jazmin is a bubbly, outgoing young lady who is very welcoming to others. She is described as having a soft heart, and is always up for lending a helping hand. She thrives when she’s surrounded by positive influences, and has a strong Christian faith that she wants to continue cultivating with a forever family. Jazmin really enjoys going to church, and would like that to continue being part of her life. She’s also pretty eager to learn how to play basketball and the flute – when she’s not outside practicing her cheerleading!

Jazmin would do best in a two-parent home, and if there are other children, they should be older than Jazmin. She will thrive in a family with many positive influences, where she can learn to model positive behaviors. Jazmin needs structure and clear expectations, and needs to be able to learn healthy communication and relationship skills from both a mother and father. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child. (9100) Pike County

Pike County

Birthday: 7/25/2007

Child ID: 9100

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