Persistent, stylish, and a bit of a comedian

Jayden (8999)

Jayden is friendly, and takes pride in his style. He loves clothing, shoes, and setting his own trends. His appearance is very important to him. Jayden admits he can be a bit of a comedian, but he has a good sense of humor. He wants to be successful, and hopes to be a welder when he is older. Jayden likes to stay active, and his favorite sports are baseball and basketball. In the future, Jayden would like to be able to run cross-country, wrestle, and do weight-lifting. He particularly likes to ride four-wheelers. In his free time, Jayden likes journaling and working with modeling clay. His favorite subjects in school are science and art. He believes his strengths are his ability to be caring and empathetic. Jayden would like people to know him for who he is: that he does not give up easily, and wants to do what is right. Jayden will need an adoptive family that is willing to commit to him unconditionally.

Jayden will do well in a two-parent family with a strong male figure, or a family with a single father. It would be best for Jayden if he was the youngest or only child in an adoptive home. Jayden would thrive in a home with firm boundaries, clear expectations, and supervision. He enjoys time spent one-on-one with adults, and prefers this over large groups. It is important that an adoptive family understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. (8999HC) Grant County

Grant County

Birthday: 6/21/04

Child ID: 8999

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