Nurturing and kind, with a desire to belong

Jayden (8965)

Jayden is a nurturing soul with a lot of love to give and a strong desire to belong. She doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so it’s no surprise that she enjoys helping people feel comfortable in a new setting. This friendly and outgoing teen can’t think of anything better than getting to help people, and has decided that one of the best ways to do that is to become a police officer! But, she doesn’t think she would be a super-serious officer — she has too much of a playful, “goofy” side, and it’s not hard to get her to crack a smile.

A self-described “girlie girl,” Jayden enjoys getting her hair and nails done. If you join her for a trip to the mall, be prepared to keep up — because Jayden moves fast and keeps active (yes, even while shopping!).

When Jayden wants to slow down and relax, she channels her creative side and settles in for some crocheting. (Lately, she’s been making super-soft blankets and scarves!) 

She would like prospective families to know that she adores animals and would be delighted to have a forever family with lots of pets. Jayden’s only ever lived in cities, so she’s a little unsure how she would feel living in the country or on a farm. Like most teens, Jayden wants her ideas and perspective to be respected, and to have some independence. However, she does best with structure and supervision, and needs a family that can maintain firm rules and boundaries.

Jayden would do best in either a single-parent female household with support or a two-parent home. She loves children and would like a home with brothers and sisters. However, it may be best for Jayden to be the only or youngest child, so that she can get all the individual attention she deserves. At very least, parents should be able to make one-on-one time for Jayden a priority, so that she feels secure and knows she is important to her family. Positive affirmation and praise go a long way with Jayden, and she will benefit from a family that can recognize and celebrate her strengths and successes.

Jayden will thrive in a family that is reliable, consistent, and patient. She may need a slower transition into a forever home, so it will be important for a family to demonstrate patience during the process. Parents should be able to advocate for Jayden’s educational and developmental needs so that she can be successful in all her endeavors. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. 

St. Joseph County

Birthday: December 2005

Child ID: 8965

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