A big heart and equally big imagination

Jayden (8917A)

Jayden is an energetic boy who will tell you his big dream is to become a professional basketball player. His other hobbies include football and collecting cars. Jayden enjoys card games such as UNO and playing with his action figures which lets him stretch his already big imagination. He is also a fan of the movie “Black Panther.” Just like the “Black Panther,” Jayden would describe himself as both fast and smart. When not pretending to save the world, he is an animal lover, his two favorites being cheetahs and puppies.

Jayden would do best in a two-parent home that has some support. Ideally that would include a strong male role model to spend plenty of one-on-one time with him. He will need a family who can provide firm and consistent boundaries while also showing affection and understanding. He would thrive in a household where he is the only child so that he receives all the attention he deserves. (8917AWS) Tippecanoe County

Tippecanoe County

Birthday: January 2009

Child ID: 8917A

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