Curious and caring

Jayden (8650)

Jayden does well in school. He even likes to do homework! His favorite parts of school are recess, lunch, math, and gym. He is laid back and he loves attention. He loves to talk. He really enjoys superhero movies and his favorite superheroes are Spider-Man, Batman, and Hawk. He likes to swim in the summertime and sled in the wintertime. He is curious, smart, and empathetic.

Jayden would do best with a family that is experienced in trauma-informed care. He will need a two-parent home with a strong support system and the ability to provide supervision. Jayden would do well in a home where he can be the only child. Jayden needs a family who will commit to him and encourage him to succeed educationally, as well as advocate for his needs. Jayden is hopeful that his adoptive family will be nice. A close-knit, stable family that plays games, eats dinner together, and spends quality time together would be a great fit for Jayden.

Fulton County

Birthday: 11/24/09

Child ID: 8650

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