Curious and caring

Jayden (8650B)

Jayden is a laid-back, playful boy who loves basketball! It’s easily his favorite sport and he’s proud of how good he’s gotten. In fact, if he had three wishes, he’d use one of them to become the greatest basketball player who’s ever lived! He would love his own room where he could hang up all his favorite basketball posters to keep him motivated on his road to becoming a pro-NBA player. Jayden likes to travel and the spot he’s most looking forward to seeing someday is New York — maybe he’ll even get to take in a game at Madison Square Garden!

Jayden would do best with a two-parent family with a strong support system and the ability to provide consistent supervision. It would be best if Jayden is the only child in the home, so he can receive plenty of attention and support. Jayden’s family will need to commit to him and advocate for his needs. A close-knit, stable family that plays games, eats dinner together, and spends quality time together would be a great fit for Jayden. His ideal family will already have experience in trauma-informed parenting.

Fulton County

Birthday: November 2009

Child ID: 8650B

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