Competitive and kind

Jayden (8564A)

Jayden is a kind, bright young man who loves sports and competing! Whether he’s out on the football field or examining the chess board to find his perfect next move, he’s always trying to win! He’s definitely got the travel bug and he loves going to check out new places; he’s especially hoping to take his first airplane ride with his forever family.

Jayden has big plans for the future: if he could be anything in the world, he’d be a veterinarian to help all the animals who need it! He’s also big into video games and if you want to challenge him, you better be ready because he’s one of the best out there.

The family that would be best for Jayden will be patient and committed to his long-term well being. Potential parents will need to provide strong support to him. It would be beneficial for Jayden to join a family that is active and focused on encouraging his growth through education and new activities. Parents will need to provide constant supervision and guidance. It is important that potential families understand the effects trauma can have on children.

Owen County

Birthday: November 2007

Child ID: 8564A

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