His favorite day is "Fun Friday"

Jayden (8564A)

Jayden is a kind, bright boy! He enjoys playing outside, doing things like flag football, basketball, and climbing trees. In his downtime, he would be happy to play a game of chess with you, draw, or play Minecraft. Jayden does well in school, but his favorite day of the school year is “Fun Friday,” when students get to “watch movies” and “eat good food!” Jayden is a fun-loving, charismatic kid!

The best family for Jayden will be patient and committed to his long-term well-being. Potential parents will need to provide strong support while encouraging Jayden’s growth through education and new activities. Parents will need to provide constant supervision and guidance, and should understand the effects trauma can have on children. 

Owen County

Birthday: November 2007

Child ID: 8564A

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