Longs to be part of a family with older brothers

Jax (9127)

Jax can be quiet when you first meet him, but once he warms up to you, that changes pretty quickly! He’s a pleasant, caring kid who looks up to older teens, especially older brothers. He loves sports, and really wants to be an athlete when he grows up. Because he’s so athletic and full of energy, Jax really needs a family that will encourage him to participate in extracurriculars and sports teams. He also enjoys Legos and superheroes, and when he’s not playing sports you can find him building a fantastic Lego creation or maybe playing a video game.

Jax would do well in a single- or two-parent family, especially if there are older brothers he can look up to and learn appropriate behaviors from. He wants to be adopted and feel like he’s a part of a family. He’s very protective of those he cares about, and tries to model good behavior. Jax needs parents who can provide structure and clearly communicate what the expectations and rules are. Parents will need to be committed to his education, and help him develop strong study and learning. His family should be prepared to advocate for Jax’s educational needs. An active family with a love of sports would be ideal. Interested families should understand how trauma impacts a child. (9127) Starke County

Starke County

Birthday: 5/26/11

Child ID: 9127

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